10+ Years Experience in Plywood Manufacturing, Quality Control ,Inspection

10+ Years Experience in Plywood Manufacturing, Quality Control ,Inspection,Consultant

December 23rd,2018

Since 2003 !

Looking back over the past 15 years of plywood work career, it seems that I have experienced the process of the plywood industry from the sunrise to sunset , every time a technological innovation, every time the impact of the world economic crisis, every change in the domestic labor force, every time the implementation of every environmental policy . . . . Every plywood quality inspection report and test report is issued, every customer’s quality feedback, every plywood quality claim, every customer satisfaction, every day and night work in the changing Chinese plywood factories, every long journey Sitting on a long-distance car, every time I miss my parents and children, wife,who are far away from home  . . . Every time I hear complaints from factories and customers, every time I fail to deliver the goods on time due to quality problems, every time I sleeplessly supervising the loading of containers. . . .Every time I am happy and satisfied when I complete the quality inspection task. . . Every time I help the customer solve the problem of consulting, every time. . . . Too much. . .

Every time I hear the customer smile and say that quality control is very good, every time I hear the customer say that a new order arrives, every time I hear the factory say that the customer’s payment is completely received, I can’t help but thank God and Every opportunity the customer gave me.

For more than a decade, I like this job, let me make friends from all over the world, let me do my favorite work to earn money to support my family, thank God, thank the customers, and thank every responsible supplier.

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