100% GURJAN BWP GRADE MARINE PLYWOOD inspections standards and QC checklists

100% GURJAN BWP GRADE MARINE PLYWOOD inspections standards and QC checklists

Technical Specification

Test Prescribed in IS:710 – 2010 Minimum Value Observed Value
Moisture Content Test Not less than 5% 9%
Glue adhesion strength 
(In dry state)
Min. Ind: 1100 N 
Avg: 1350 N
1420 N 
1490 N
Adhesion Of Ply (Knife Test) Minimum Pass Standard Minimum Pass Standard
Resistence to water 
(after 72 hrs.boiling)
Minimun – 800 N
Average – 1000 N
1100 N 
1200 N
Tensile Strength N/mm2
-Along the grain
-Across the garin
Sum of tensile strength

42.00 N
25.00 N
84.50 N

53.3 N
55.8 N
113.1 N
Modulus of Elasticity N/mm2
-Along the grain
-Across the grain

7500 N
6700 N

8836 N
8602 N
Modulus of Rupture N/mm2
-Along the grain
Minimum- 45 N 
Average – 50 N
48.0 N 
55.6 N
Across the grain Minimum – 27 N 
Average – 30 N
46.8 N 
54.0 N
Retention of Preservative Chemicals Kg/Cbm (CBB Type) Min 12 kg 13.1 kg
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