Highly moisture resistant MDF is a type of MDF with a special water-resistant resin added to the panel, providing moisture resistant properties and increased dimensional stability. MR MDF panels can be used in areas subject to humidity.

MR MDF is designed to work well in interior applications where moisture is a concern.


  • Sink bases, dishwasher enclosures, wet-area residential applications
  • May be used on interior window and door trim, baseboards and laminate flooring that may become wet from mopping, condensation or even foot traffic.
  • Laboratories, locker rooms, laundry areas, cafeterias of schools, industrial facilities and other public buildings where wetness or high humidity are a factor.

Physical Properties

Minimum Panel Averages1 1/4 – < 1/2″ 1/2″ – 3/4″ > 3/4″
Face Screwholding, lbs. 250 270 270
Edge Screwholding, lbs.2 NA 250 250
24-Hour Thickness Swell 10% 7% 4%


Length & Width ± 1/16″
Squareness 1/64″ per foot of length
Straightness 1/64″ per 2 feet of length
Thickness (within panel) ± 0.005″
Thickness (panel to panel) ± 0.005″

Raw Materials

Wood Species: Mixed Hardwoods

Description Thickness & Length x Width (mm) Applications

MR panels can be used in areas subject to humidity. MR MDF is suitable for drawer and cabinet carcasses in kitchen, bathrooms and laundries and other furniture in tropical areas.

12mm 2400/2440 / 3600 x 1200/1220
  • Cabinet carcasses
  • kitchens
  • bathrooms
  • laundries
  • Other furniture in tropical areas
15mm 2400/2440 / 3600 x 1200/1220
18mm 2400/2440 / 3600 x 1200/1220

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