Paper Back Veneer Sheets

Paper Backed Veneer Sheets

What are Paper Backed Veneer Sheets?

Paper Backed Veneer Sheets are exactly what the name implies. It’s a real wood veneer permanently bonded to a paper backing.

Paperbacked Veneer Sheets that we typically have are the species listed below, but upon request we can sample flitches of veneer to you, and with your approval, can have it laid up on 10 mil or 20 mil paper. Nothing compares to the natural elegance of our premium paper backed veneer sheets.

Yes, this is real wood! Each is made from the finest wood veneer for outstanding character and figure. Premium wood veneers are permanently bonded to a resin saturated backing which allows maximum flexibility. From architectural woodwork for office and residential furniture to store fixtures, kitchen cabinets, automotive dashboards, Hi-Fi stereo speakers, and more, no other veneer has such as wide range of uses. Nothing compares to the natural elegance of our premium paper-backed veneer.


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