Inspection Checklist for plywood inspectors Part 2

Film type of the film faced plywood

Most of the film manufacturers produce the film according to the customers’s requirments ,they used different paper from different paper factories ,some are original fresh paper,some are recycled paper .

Even the glue ,most of the factories using MR glue mixed with Exterior WBP glue ,some using Melamine Glue …THe most famous film is Dynea film ,they have brances in Guangdong province and have offices in Linyi …They have good quality guarantee prices are also higher than other domestic film .

Film Weight :

120 g/m² – 400 rotations according to Taber test (EN 438-2)

220 g/m² – 750 rotations according to Taber test (EN 438-2)

240g/m2 —–

Film Color :   DBO – Dark Brown Opaque,red brown ,dark red ,dark brown ,black red ,Green .  Different colors and film weights are available on request.

The film normally should be water-resistant ,but some factories want to reduce manufacturing costs ,then used MR glue ,it is not water-reistant ,even cold water .

Some good factories ,using WBP glue ,good glue ,make the film water-resistant and can pass boiling test too.

So,when you buy from China,check exactly the film types and quality .

Also the film color ,have many different colors ,even the same delivery the color is not uniform if you don’t care .

So …..

The paper are also have different quality ,75g to 120 g ,recycled paper or original fresh paper …

The production process and skill are much different too …


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