Inspection Checklist for plywood inspectors Part 6

Thickness tolerane is a big issue for most of the importers or the QC to control and pay attention .If you are not professional,you can careless about this .Tolerances on dimensions width,length and thickness are big points to calculate ,even the ISO 1954:2013 specifies dimensional tolerances of plywood panels (length, width, thickness) and tolerances for edge straightness and squareness.

Sheets of plywood available in different sizes and actual width, length and thickness depend on manufacturer’s product line and plywood type. But most local retailors offer only a few standard sheet dimensions which typically 4 feet in width and 8 feet in length or smaller as a stock option. Bigger odd sizes available from manufacturers as well, they just not commonly used and might cost more.

EN 315 Plywood – Tolerances of dimensions In the standard there are tolerance of the plywood dimensions (length, width, thickness) edge straightness and squareness.

Sanded Plywood and NON-SANDED PLYWOOD have different thickness requirements .

Thin plywood and thick plywood also have different thickness tolerance .

One-step (also called one time hot press or NON-SANDED ) plywood and TWO -STEPS (Also called two time hot press or SANDED ) plywood have different thickness tolerance .

The Hardwood Plywood on VC or PC or MDF  also have different thickness tolerance because of the SUBSTRATE of the plywood ,MDF,VC or PB have different platform thickness tolerance.

Different plywood types have different requirement of the thickness tight or not .

So ,when placing POs ,need to say something about the thickness tolerance ,Min and Max tthickness it is good for the QC to grade and inspect .

The most important is the thickness tolerance decide the manufacturing costs ,with sander machine or without sander machine ,how is the platform or basepanels something ,decide the finished plywood or engineered panels thickness .


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