Daily Archives: February 5, 2016

2- Ply Wood on Wood

2- Ply Wood on Wood Wood on wood is also called as 2 Ply veneer, it is two wood veneers permanently bonded together. Veneer grain is laid up perpendicular to the backer to provide strength, flexibility, and protection against bubbling and glue seepage. The crossband construction allows the veneer to …

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Structural versus Non Structural Plywood ?

Structural versus Non Structural Structural – Certain panels can be used as a load bearing material on condition that they conform to strict standards expected of structural panels. When exported to Europe and Australia ,they normally requires that the plywood should be Structural versus Non Structural Plywood ? Why?What are the difference ?Why they mark the Structural versus Non Structural Plywood ?How to meet the quality requirements ? When the Purchasing agents want to place the POs,they should …

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