Inspection Checklist for plywood inspectors Parts 18

WHen your QC finished the plywood grading and inspection ,have they counted the real exact numbers of the quantity per crate of the plywood ,how many pcs per container ?

As the workers counted the pcs per crate after inspection and then packed the plywood and printed shipping marks .THe QC normally just grade and inspected the surface of the plywood ,after inspection ,then left …

If they don’t count the quantity ,1 piece less or more ,it is not good for the buyers and the sellers .We can not completely depend on the worekrs’s counting ,the QC should also check exact quantity to make sure the Quantity can meet the PO requirement .

Have they made a checklist or a inspection label to show how many pcs per bundle and with their personal signature ?Have the QC manager randomly checked the plywood the QC staff inspected ?

Quantity ,This is a very important job for the QC to do just like control the quality .


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