Inspection Checlist for Plywooda and Engineered wood panels Inspection Parts 19

Glue formaldehyde emission rav te is always a big quality concern for people’s heathy when they use the plywood if interior use .

If outdoor use,that is ok no need to consider the formaldehyde emission .

For the glue ,normally have MR glue ,E0,E1 AND E2 and  ,WBP and Melamine Glue,no matter what kinds of glue ,they use the formaldehyde as the raw materials to make glue .

For NAUF glue ,No Added Urea Formaldehyde .Many of our
visitors sell engineered wood panels like  for No Added Urea Formaldehyde Plywood. Urea and Formaldehyde create a resin used as a permanent adhesive. Alternat OSB ,MDF and Plywood,PB products in Japan, Canada, Europe and California.NAUF Plywood standsive adhesive systems that qualify for the NAUF category include: Phenol Formaldehyde (PF), Poly vinyl acetate (PVA) and Soy. Soybean Protein-BasedPlywood Adhesives 

As one of  the giant flooring companies has some glue formaldehyde problems ,then every player try to keep a good quality glue for their panels products and need their suppliers to provide glue formaldehyde emission tested report to support their quality plywood.

so,when sourcing agents or QC audit the factories,how to know the glue is ok to meet their quality requirements ?Check the glue by the third party should be a good way ,the problem is most of the glue testing companies can not provide the english version report ,only can supply chinese version .So need the chinese suppliers to translate to english and with their signature ,make sure the value and numers of the glue is matched and exact the same like the chinese version .

If ok,for each PO shipment ,need one Glue testing report ,that is good for the buyers and the suppliers .

The QC also should have a simple way to test the glue formaldehyde emission ,go to the ware house or the veneer core lay-up production line ,to smell or test ,if your eyers watered ,could not open eyes and feel not compfortable,I think the glue formaldedhyde rate is higher .

Also other simple ways to test the glue ,just try to make sure


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