Cabinet Grade Plywood quality levels ?Core construction ,face veneers ,glue and strong?

Cabinet Grade Plywood quality levels ?Core construction ,face veneers ,glue and strong?How is your QC experience in inspecting the Cabinet grade plywood in China ?Like shop grade plywood or downgrade plywood ?Prefinished grade ?

These cabinet grade plywood are used for the Kitchen Cabinets ,Bathroom  Cabinets,Store Fixtures .

Do they have any experience in grading the cabinet plywood ,the core construction details and requirements ?Need the Plies of each layer should be clear and straight without overlaps and core voids ,NO WARPPING is a big concern,better each layer of the core veneer has good same and uniform thickness to balance and flat the plywood ,the Moisture content is a big concern .The surface should be clean without major quality problems .

Some raw birch  cabinet grade need prefinished like UV paint or Overlaid with HPL sheets or other types of top coats or film ,but the substrate should be well constructed .The dense of the plywood have a standard levels to make cabinery or furniture parts .

Pre-finished cabinet grade plywood is cabinet grade plywood that has a clear coat or stained finished. Pre-finished cabinet grade plywood is easy to clean, maintain and resists scratches. Pre-finished cabinet grade plywood allows for a quick and beautiful final product in less time.

Some importers they claimed that the imported chinese plywood could not be used for the cabinetry ,that is a big mistake I believe ,they did not buy from the right suppliers at the right quality ,not all the plywood can be used for special use ,tell your chinese suppliers what you are looking for ,tell them the quality and then find the right quality .

The Unfinished plywood prices are much different from the Cabinet grade Prefinished ,the substrate used for unfinished and prefinished are also different quality .




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