Professional training would be good for most of the Plywood QC/QA Parts 2

Let’s talk about the film faced plywood inspection first ,how to train the QC to be a good professional QC onsite .

Film faced plywood is one of the shutting or construction plywood used for many areas like building construction ,flooring ,bridge concrete …whatever you want to use just use ,the surface is a kind of film ,like plastic but not plastic ,it is a kind of paper with resin ,such as Phenolic wbp or melamine or MR glue .

About the Film :

The raw materials paper ,has many different quality levels ,fresh original from the tree ,recycled used paper …The glue also too much different ,real less film factories using real WPB glue to make the film ,the mixed the WBP and MR together .

Very less manufactuers using Dynea Film anymore ,because of the costs .The Dynea film has factory in guangDong province ,visited them before .Has sales office and warehouse in Linyi .Don’t have in Pizhou area .

Currently ,in north of China,the reputated film suppliers such as Linyi sengong ,hongchang and anhua and zhengfeng …

When inspect and grade the film faced plywood,check the film first ,what the buyers required ,how many grams of the film ,120 or 240 or 220 ?Check the weight of the glue per m2 ?and what kinds of glue ?THe thickness of the paper …and how long the film can keep in stock before hot pressing ,What temperature should be used for make the hot pressing and how long .

prices to facotry : for black film ,one set (2 pieces ) 6.5rmb to 7.8rmb .   For brown film ,one set  are from 9.2rmb to 13rmb ,the dynea film should be 13rmb or 14 rmb one set .

Film color : the film has different colors ,accorinding the request ,brown has red brown and dark brown ,black has pure sold black and light black …red and colorful film also .

Film with printed logo : Normally how to recognize the dynea film and local film ,even with printed logo on the film ,golden yellow color or blue colorful color .The logo sizes and upper capital letter or lower capital letter and position of the letters .Any pattern copyright of the LOGO ?

Film Sizes : to North America such as USA and South America such as Mexico and Brazil ,normally 4’x8′ or 1220x2440mm ,To europe ,most of them are 1250x2500mm ,so ,when making the plywood ,make sure the suppliers can understand the difference .Or ,the film sizes will be shortage .

About the Core construction :

Poplar core : it is the most regular core wood species for most of the buyers , light weight but strong characteristics .THe poplar core veneer normally small decided by the domestic poplar logs .126x96cm and 64x86cm …very less long grain poplar core veneer .

Eucalyptus core : it is a kind of hardwood ,stiff and dense hardwood species in guangxi province,China mostly .Also in Yunnan province .THe quality levels of the eucalyptus are normally good and better than poplar .but it can not use as the top and bottom core veneer under the film ,beause of the wood surface is rough and can not sand smoothly to laminate the film .

If imported eucalyptus from South America as as brazil ,it can used as the face veneer ,then can smoothly sand ,but very expensive .

Recycled joint core :has butt joint and finger joint ,the quality no factory will guarantee ,easy break if without good professional skills and good top 2 layers poplar and good 2 layers bottom poplar .Especially to Europe 1250x2500mm ,that is more difficult to produce .And this can only be used for the 18mm mostly .

These core quality have different  standards ,different mills using different quality levels of core veneer ,some with pathes ,some use small pieces,some use whole pieces without patches or without holes ….Some mills use mixed quality core veneer to save costs and match the target prices and quality .

About the Glue :

The glue have Exterior glue and interior glue ,even WBP local produced by local suppliers ,not easy to control the quality .Even different wood species using different kinds of WBP glue ,such as birch and eucalyptus and poplar ,using different types of WBP .

Melamine GLue ,currently are the popular glue for Europe ,mixed with brown color pigment to be like REAL WBP GLUE .

MR glue ,not so much used for film faced plywood to europe .

How to test the glue ,need the third party to test and publish the report ,including the formaldehyde emission report and glue bond strength …

About the thickness tolerance :

To europe ,different customers have different markets and different clients ,somebody still insist +/-0.5mm ,some clients already accepted +/-0.8mm even +/-1.0mm .

But make sure should have a clear crieta that the thickness is measured by single thickness or average thickness ?The quality is different .Check 4 sides of the plywood ,not just one side of the plywood .

If single one-step production process film ,the thickness is not easy to control ,tolerance are bigger than two-step production ,or three-step production .Also the sanding machine is calibrated sanding machine or not .

About the MC moisture content :

Check the MC ,from the surface or the edges ,make sure no more than 10 % that is better .If more MC ,the surface film or inside layers should be delaminated or have bubbles .

About the length and Width :

CHeck the sizes are 1250×2500 or 1220x2440mm or other sizes …if the shape are square ,check the diagonal tolerance +/-2.5mm ,the length and width are 1.5mm .

Check the film  surface quality defects :

Such as blisters ,bubbles ,missing film ,damaged film ,burn marks ,white spots ,scratches ……

Check the edges quality :

CHeck the edges before painting ,it is recycled joint core or regular veneer core …the edges must be filled with water-resistant paint ,the paint color should be matched with the film or on-request .Core voids are not accepted ,need to be filled with WBP glue with putty .Make sure every edges everywhere should be uniform color paint and thick paint to make sure no water can be penetrated .

Check the Quantity per Crate and Packing quality  :

After Inspection ,normally the QC would leave the factory and not check the packing ,that would be a big risk for the buyers,need check the outside packing shipping marks are the same like required from the PO ,the packing materials are standard and good for sea and domestic transportation ?THe pallets (runners and slats are strong and big enough for support the plywood ) is suitable for marketing and sales and stock in the warehouse ?

WHen the QC leave the factory ,the workers pack the plywood themselves in the factory ,normally 2 workers counter the numers of the plywood ,but sometimes only one work check the quantity .THat is more potential risks for quantity shortage or quantity overpacked .

THe QC should check the quantity ,it is easy job ,can use the measure tape ,or piece by piece checking .

After checking ,sign your signature or put some label to make sure the suppliers would not change the materials without notice or some suppliers ship bad materials after pack the bad materials if the QC leave the factory immediately without checking the packing and do some safe job to keep the materials .

Finally,when inspection ,When an importer employs his own inspectors, it greatly increases the risk of bribery, possible difficulty reaching the manager, risks of miscommunication).Make sure the QC can roam all the suppliers to check quality .

Container Loading :

THis is the last job the QC should do and the most important job if the suppleirs are new ,if they change the materials and load wrong plywood ,that is big risk .Even the QC inspected the plywood,the suppliers may play some games and change the plywood .They seldom wait for the Plywood to be repacked.

How to Prevent the Factory from Swapping the plywood after Inspection .SO ,that is better for the QC to check the container loading ,some QC said if they stay there ,the company would pay hotel and food because normally the containers would come to delivery the plywood after inspection ,mostly can not delivery the container the same day after inspection .

QC report :

AFTER container loading ,the QC report is the last job and most improtant job for the TEAM to do ,english or chinese ,can be decided by the buyers .But make sure the QC report is completed and detailed and Objective .

Send QC report on time ,no Delay .

More detailed will come soon !!













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