Plywood Insider : Things you may not know about Purchasing & Sourcing Part 6

WHEN WE started to source new suppliers ,and visit them ,their whole production process are very important to be checked .Another is their daily production ,how are the workers acted in the whole production ,check the workers skill and if professional or not from their daily work .

Just stand and stay in the factory check their daily job ,how skillful ,scientific handling the machinery and raw materials or finished materials ?conscientious or not ?If any problems of the production ,are they trying to correct and improve ?voluntary work or forced to do ?

Just watch them how to work and how to act when they face some quality problems ?

This is important to not just checked their finished plywood quality ,but also check their workers first .

Then is the production Manager ,if the PM is good and professional and responsibility ,he normally can have a good scientific management on the whole production ,efficient and good manufacturing costs and less downgrade plywood .

Talk with the PM and see how he response the concerned you questioned to them ,how the PM act when you or your QC told them the customers need to adjust the quality design and grading rules ,if find quality problems how the PM response and act ?I have met some PM before ,they did not dare to keep so much volume downgrade plywood,then put rejected plywood into the packed plywood and ship them out of China.This is dangerous behavior ,can not be trusted .Ask them some questions ,they can cooperate or not or can provide good service on the quality correction or improvement .

Can check if the PM how often went to the production line ,how long will stay there ,what job he do when stay in the production lines ?Of course ,for new suppliers ,it is not easy to find these behavior ,but can check if the PM know everything about their whole production ?

Currently ,Plywood Manufacturing Industry in China is labor dense industry ,most of the costs are from the labor ,so ,when we source new suppliers ,check their workers first ,check not only their skills ,also need check if they are local people or foreign immigrant from other cities .because in China,the harvest time is not easy for the mills to keep workers stable ,then volume reduced and quality changed .

Check where the workers lived and how are their food …..

It is not easy to check how long they worked in the factory ,any accident insurance for them from the factory ?Any guarantee for their daily work ?

All these can have a general idea about their quality level and background of the reputation and ….


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