(For beginner)Film Faced Plywood knowledge& Manufacturing Experience Part 1 : Film

For the film faced plywood  beginners ,film faced plywood many people also call it shutting plywood ,or marine plywood ,and construction form plywood ,Medium Density Overlay (MDO) and High Density Overlay (HDO) ,OVLAY , Plastic (PP), Phenolic Surface Film (PSF) , …. smooth phenol film, which is hot-pressed onto the surface, is used as an overlay.

For the film of the film faced plywood,this is our first lesson to start .“phenolic impregnated papers”, also called phenolic surface films.In China,the quality have different quality levels ,domestic black color film ,red film ,with MR glue ,Melamine Glue ,or WBP glue …Dynea glue …the paper are also too much different …

The resin-impregnated phenolic surface films stand up to the harshest outdoor environments. Uniform, durable and cost effective, these industrial overlays,Overlaying Colors Available: Dark Brown, Light Brown, Yellow Transparent, Green, Black, Red and Transparent.Overlaying surface is smooth, glossy and hard. It withstands abrasion, is weather-proof and moisture-proof, and resists commonly used chemicals, dilute acids, and alkalis. The surface is easy to clean with water or a steam wash. Abrasion resistant according to the Taber test (EN 438-2). Will fade after prolonged exposure to weather elements.
Standard water-resistant cover has dark brown color, density – 240g/m2  and 120 g/m2 ,75g/m2  ,90g/m2 .

According to the client’s enquiry there may be used the film with density from 80 g/m2 till 220 g/m2,accoding to the kraft paper used ,how many g/m2 ?

When test the film quality ,check how many glue  g/m2     used for the film ,check before spraying the glue the film weight ,and after srapying glue .

Check the paper brand  names and quality and origin ,the weight of the paper ,you must make sure the paper will hold the ink well. Check the color of the paper ,red ,brown ….black ..light color or dark color …FSC certified paper,Recycled paper,Recycled paper myths ,Acid-free paper ,A breakdown of paper types,  this paper is a good weight and produces great image quality and logo ..the thickness of the paper … high strength and moisture resistance,the grade of the paper ,see below according to my expericen ,have the following kinds of kraft paper :

1.Virgin Natural Kraft Paper

2.Natural Recycled Kraft Paper

3.Black Kraft Paper

4.Colored Kraft Paper

5.White or Bleached Kraft Paper

6.Printed Kraft Paper

The glue used for film are below :




The Surface Films are used for overlaying of wood-based panels like plywood. They are selfbonding prepregs in which Kraft paper is impregnated with phenol formaldehyde resin. The impregnation mixture contains also releasing agents and pigments or dyes. Overlaying takes place preferably at a hot-press overlaying line. The film product range offers a wide selection of surface films for multi-daylight presses as well as for short cycle presses. Typical grammages are 120-220 g/m2 and commonly used colours chestnut brown, light brown, dark brown opaque, black and red.

Since 5 years ago ,many importers using their own trade registered custom-logo film to make marketing and sales …Famous brand names such as PERI ,Marineplex (PVS international) ,Doka ,farlinplex (Farlin Lumber ) ,MEGAPLEX (Darvesh Group),Kingplex (Danube ) ,Korindoplex (indonesia company ),Arser wood …The color of the printed logo can be custom-made now since last year ,such as MEGABE plex  …

The Films extend the usage of panels in concrete shuttering. Smooth, easy to clean surface and excellent resistance to moisture and chemicals enable the panel circulation for tens and even hundreds of times. In walking and working levels higher safety level can be reached by using panels overlaid with wire mesh or textured press plates. Films are used for transportation applications to improve the life span of the panel. Textured surfaces are used for non-slippery panels. Improved resistance against abrasion, moisture, bacteria, insects, fungi and chemicals as well as a good appearance are reasons why the  film faced panels are attractive alternatives for floor and wall surfaces of vehicles. Surface Films are widely used for construction in harsh conditions like during building projects, agricultural buildings, billboards, bus stops and playgrounds. When applied onto the plywood,  Surface Film is a ready surface, which does not need paint or other protective layer on top. Films are not recommended for use where colour and gloss stability is required.

Films are supplied in different widths as reels or sheets. Normal diameter of reel is 520 mm and domestic is pieces quantity. For further information please contact our sales or technical customer service. In China,normally 50 sets/Bag for film .1 set = 2 piece of film ,packed with plastic bag and deliveried by local truck ,can not put under sunshine or hot temperature and cold temperature ,should good temperature .

树脂浸渍酚醛表面薄膜经得起恶劣的室外环境。均匀,经久耐用,成本效益,这些产业重叠,重叠的颜色:深棕色,浅棕色,黄色透明,绿色,黑色,红色和透明。堆焊表面是光滑的,有光泽的硬。它的耐磨、耐候性、防潮、抗常用的化学品,稀酸和碱。表面易于用水或蒸汽清洗干净。根据Taber耐磨试验(EN 438-2)。长时间暴露于天气因素后会褪色。
膜纸在不同宽度的卷筒或表提供。卷筒的正常直径为520毫米,国内为件数量。详情请联系我们的销售或技术客户服务。在中国,通常50套/袋薄膜。薄膜片1集= 2,用塑料袋包装,通过当地的卡车,不能放在阳光下或高温和低温,应该很好的温度。

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