(For beginner) white birch Plywood knowledge& Manufacturing Experience Part 1 :white birch face veneer (5)

Most of the Chinese white birch plywood are exported to North America markets ,used for different areas ,such as furniture parts ,cabinet carcass ,kitchen ,bathroom ,packing ,decoration ,dieboard ….

But most of the common use is make cabinets or furniture ,if used for UV prefinished paint ,most of the customers they would request that the white birch should have less pin knots (Live knots or dead knots ) and mineral streaks ,some of the customers they also care about the knot holes and color variation (also call it color-difference ) or discoloration .

For raw birch plywood,just used for not UV or paint ,they only care about the manufacturing defects ,and big knot holes or dead knots …

Means they care about two different characteristics and manufacutring defects .

UV Prefinished plywood,need thicker face veneer to make the UV plywood are good ,no telegraphing ,A strong sense of strength and passion would be viewers’first impression on this UV plywood.

If use too thin  birch face veneer,even though no telegraphing ,the surface of the plywood still looks not good looking ,Like shrivelled spirit without a body .

It is possible for the manufacturers to recognize different color or wood species of the birch has different LOOKING and natural characteristics …



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