(For beginner)Film Faced Plywood knowledge& Manufacturing Experience Part 5 : How to test the film weight/Density /Gram

The problem of measuring the density of the film of the film faced plywood (or melamine Paper ) 
Life of commonly used paper, usually with the “gram” to indicate its thickness. For example, notebook paper is generally used 80g~120g paper (the film of the film faced plywood generally have 240g and 120g). Because the thickness of paper is uniform, we do not need to mass per unit of volume measurement, only need to know he per unit area of the quality can be, and mass per unit area called “density”. As for linear materials with uniform thickness, we often only consider the mass of the unit length, that is, the linear density”. Textbook printing paper is about 60g, its meaning is 60g/m2.
Usually we are in the domestic use of the construction of the film of the film faced plywood, is also processed by kraft paper, also follow this principle, when you read this section of the material, please do the following activities:
(1) to design a method for measuring the density of the film of the film faced plywood.
Materials required for experiment:
Experimental procedure:


测建筑膜板 膜纸密度的问题
生活中常用的纸张,通常是用“克数”来表示它的厚度。例如,笔记本的纸一般都是采用80g~120g的纸(建筑膜板的膜纸一般有240g和120g)。由于纸张的厚薄是均匀的,我们无需测量其单位体积的质量,只需要知道他单位面积的质量即可,单位面积的质量叫“面密度”。同样对粗细均匀的线型材料,我们也常常只考虑其单位长度的质量,即“线密度”。课本印刷用纸约为60g,其意义是60g/m2 。
(1)设计出测量建筑膜板 膜纸纸张密度地方法。

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