(For beginner) white birch Plywood knowledge& Manufacturing Experience Part 1 :white birch face veneer (5)

Why the white birch face veneer need the workers to spray the water by  sprayer,An atomizer to spray water by means of compressed air.

We know that the density of the birch is much more big than poplar ,if any shrinkage of the birch face veneer,they it is not easy for the workers to repair ,would have face veneer overlaps problems .To prevent the dry veneer  of water, such as fold defects. Let the veneer reaches a certain moisture content, stretch, and dough stacked together,make sure the white birch face veneer smooth .Indeed water will have a small and short-lived effect on a veneer’s flexibility. It will not condition the wood cells which is critical to getting the veneer flat without splitting. Additionally, if the water dries too fast, the veneer sheet can crack severely. 

Actually ,not only the white birch face veneer ,but also maple and other dense wood species face veneer need to be keep good moisture content to make sure no shrinkage …

Before laminating the face veneer ,make sure the birch face veneer has good condition ,after cold pressing and hot pressing,then the white birch face veneer will not have open splits or closed splits …

In order to prevent the loss of veneer moisture, factory warehouse should be closed. At the same time, get some plastic bags and keep reasonable moisture,will not have face cracking and splits .

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