Professional training would be good for most of the Plywood QC/QA Parts 50: Packing Materials for pLYWOOD

For outer packing, it is one of the factors that determine the quality of plywood.
Packaging materials, packaging methods, and shipping marks printed outside, All decide the quality level of the inside plywood.

Different customers different countries and markets for packaging requirements are different, the material is divided into ordinary plywood, MDF, particleboard, or five layer carton and so on.
Packing belts or banding are not the same, all kinds of sizes and thickness and requirements .
USA and Canada,they like carton packing .
European ,they like thin plywood and carton packing both .
MIddle east and Africa ,they like thin plywood packing ,also some like carton packing .

According to the different modes of transport, there are container packaging, breakbulk shipping packaging, inland transport packaging…

Even if it is a container, it is also divided into a stand/Upright packing , a flat packing, a side packing, etc..
The pallet’s also can be custom-made ,includes the breakbulk and the container, the high grade packing and the simple packing and so on.

For upright packing, personal advice is on the bottom support runners ordered a at least 5.0mm board to support the weight of the whole board, to prevent crushing bottom bracket, the foreign customer’s warehouse, make them convenient for unloading.

In short, for packaging, one is to play a role in protecting the interior plywood, one is playing a role in sales and marketing, while in the process of transport play a protective role.


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