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Something The Plywood Purchasing/Sourcing Manager should know about selecting the manufacturers Part 1 :The machinery or manufacturing equipments requirements

工厂的设备决定着这个工厂是否有能力来生产相匹配级别的产品质量,尤其对于胶合板企业,更是如此。没有相匹配的生产线,是无法满足生产技术的硬件要求。比如,客户需要定厚的板子,如果没有定厚砂光机,如何实现?尤其是对厚度要求比较严格的客户。 The Factory equipment determines whether the factory has the ability to produce the levels of product quality, especially for plywood enterprises, it is the most important . If There is no matched  production line, it is unable to meet the production technology of the machinery requirements. For example, customers need …

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