Something The Plywood Purchasing/Sourcing Manager should know about selecting the manufacturers Part 3 : the owner /General Manager

A plywood factory, the greatest wealth is the talent workers and boss and Managers ,The boss or general manager and their  business sense and attitude can decide the factory’s future .

Auditing a plywood factory, it is difficult in a short period of time to locate a factory owner’s business sense and attitude or  the general manager is the right person for the  buyers to cooperate.
If you find a suitable partner, at least can avoid more risks of the  production and management during the future cooperation , that is if any  quality problem,  can sit down and calmly to face and find a solution, rather than blindly resist and unreasonable shirk.
这个不只是一个工厂有没有钱或者财务状况的问题,还是一个老板在生意环节比较重要的问题。一个好的 老板,只要客户的要求是合理的而且是可以实现的情况下,在加工成本不影响工厂市场和质量定位的情况下,可以尽力的去配合,目标一个,提高客户的满意度和市场的接受度。
This is not not just a factory financial background situation , but also a boss ‘s attitude in the business process . A good boss, as long as the customer’s requirements are reasonable and can be achieved without increasing the manufacturing costs and quality and market orientation and it is good for the factory’s growing and development , They can try to cooperate with the goal of improving customer satisfaction and market acceptance.

For plywood industry, is a labor-intensive industries, more workers, raw materials complex. More need to have a boss who have clear business attitude and clear responsiblity .

Selecting a factory ,need check the the owner or  the boss of the factory can be cooperative ,if ok,then go ahead .Their reputation and their future plan and current production and quality levels orientation  .




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