Something The Plywood Purchasing/Sourcing Manager should know about selecting the manufacturers Part 1 : the raw materials used for the whole plywood production

The layout of the factory , from a side can also reflect the plywood quality of the factory  the owner required .

The first we will see should be the busy workers in the plywood production workshop when we entered the factory , and  large quantities of raw materials displayed and stocked, especially the face veneer ,film or paper ,  core veneer and finished plywood products and semi-finished products plywood platform .
The quality and arrangement of the raw materials of a factory determines the position of the quality of the finished plywood and the understanding of the quality of the plywood. If there is no good raw materials, how can the factory supply good plywood product?
The specific quality of raw materials, need to have a  thoroughly investigate and checking, such as the core veneer  moisture content, size and thickness, and other natural and processing defects, need to be measured and asked from different angles.

Are These raw materials are equipped with specialized production personnel to manage and allocate? Are there no professional personnel to grading and make quality inspection?

Are These raw materials have specifically identification  to distinguish between their quality levels and sources of origin.

对于一些特别的胶合板产品,比如HPL ,FILM FACED PLYWOOD ,MELAMINE PLYWOOD ,UV PLYWOOD 它们的面皮的来源决定了最终产品的一些质量特性。
For some special plywood products, such as HPL, film faced plywood, melamine plywood, the UV plywood their TOP FACE MATERIALS TYPES  determines the quality characteristics of the final product.

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