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Wood Panels QC/QA Manager’s Legend : A QC/QA’s concern and worries

一个胶合板质检员的烦恼和困惑 A plywood inspector ‘s  annoyance and confusion 对于胶合板 ,看似简单,实际非常复杂,是劳动密集型的产业。产品加工的环节多,品种繁多,需要注意的细节多。 For plywood, seemingly simple, the actual is very complex, is labor-intensive industries. More Product processing chain ,  wide variety items , Need  pay attention to detail. 因为表面是木材,所以自然缺陷决定这产品的基本级别,加工缺陷也决定着产品的质量档次。 Because the surface is wood, so natural defects determine the basic level of the product, processing …

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Something The Plywood Purchasing/Sourcing Manager should know about selecting the manufacturers Part 4 : Manufacturing Production process

Science and technology are No.1 productive forces. 一个完整的生产流程,决定着产品的最终质量。产品生产流程的细化,影响着产品的价格和质量定位。 A complete production process, determines the final quality of the plywood product. Product production process refinement, affecting the price and quality of the plywood quality positioning/orientation . 进入一个工厂的生产线车间,先验证这条生产线是不是完整的,包括所有的应该有的环节,同时,查看是否有比现有的行业标准更先进的技术和设备。对于生产工人的考察,则重点在他们的技术是否熟练,操作是否到位,工序和操作流程是否科学化和合理化。 Visit the factory production line workshop, first verify that the production line is not complete …

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