Biomass pellet fuel used for hot pressing line (Plywood manufacturing )

 A large amount of  WOOD PELLET now has been supplied for foreign buyers.
There are detailed specification of our wood pellet:
1. Place of origin: Vietnam and China
3. Calorice value: 4300 to 4000kcal/kg
4. Ash content: 0.6 % to 1.5%
5. Length: 10mm to 30mm
6. Diameter: 6mm  to  8mm
7. Packing: 15 – 20kg / PE bag or 500 – 650kg/ jumbo bag
11. Density:   1100 to 1300kg/m3

Biomass Pellets is the major fuel for hot pressing machinery used for plywood making ,very costly compared with coal for heating .bUT VERY FRIENDLY TO THE ENVIRONMENT ,IT IS GOOD FOR PEOPLE’S HEALTH ,no polluted .SO,WE SUPPORT .


Biomass Pellets. This product is specially designed for boilers, huge centralized kitchens as fuel.Biomass pellets especially wood pellets are getting more and more popular in the field of green energy. Besides, biomass pellet is also a kind of recyclable fuel. With a pellet machine, various kinds of biomass wastes can be made into biomass fuel pellets easily. These fuel pellets can be used for both daily life and business. Generally, small pellet machine is enough for home pellets making and you will find how easy it is to make pellets at home.

Bio Fuel Products

Bio fuel briquettes of 75 mm dia for boilers.
Gross calorific value      :   4400
Ash content                   :  around 8%

Biomass pallets are a renewable source of energy made from agricultural and forest waste and are ideal replacement for fossil fuels. Apart from being used to heat boilers in manufacturing plants; they also have a widespread application in developing countries. A number of companies in India have switched from furnace oil to biomass pallets to save costs on boiler fuels. The use of biomass pallets is predominant in various parts , where coal and furnace oil are being replaced by biomass pallets. Biomass pallets also provide more calorific value/kg and save around 30-40 percent of boiler fuel costs. Biomass briquettes can also help in reducing carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

Advantages of Biomass pallets

  • Provide more calorific value/kg
  • Save cost
  • Easily Available
  • Reduce Carbon emissions in atmosphere
Product Name Pellet Fuel
Description Biomass Pellets
Size 6/8/10/12/15 mm
GCV 4200 + 5% Kcal
Ash <10%
Moisture <10%
Packaging 25Kg or 600kg

Biomass pellet fuel, subject as pure wood material, does not contain any binders and additives, only sawdust specialized machinery processing, compression molding to change its density, strength, combustion performance, so that the density of the briquette, loose material “dense departed”, thus limiting the essential volatiles overflow speed, prolonging volatilization and volatiles combustion time, so that the combustion reaction is mostly only in the molding fuel surface of. When the stove is filled with air, the loss of the volatile molecules is very little, so that the generation of black smoke is reduced. Due to the formation of dense texture, the remaining carbon structure is relatively tight, the movement of air flow can not be disintegrated, the burning of carbon can be fully utilized. The bright carbon block can be clearly observed in the combustion process, the blue flame wrapped, temperature greatly improved, fuel time significantly prolonged. The oxygen demand of the whole combustion process tends to be balanced, and the combustion process is relatively stable.
Biomass pellet fuel is “not competing with”, “and for” second generation biofuels. Can be used to maximize the reuse of waste, to make granular fuel, can replace coal, oil and other non renewable energy, is widely used in various industrial boilers and so on. The combustion heat can reach 4700 kcal per ton, performance comparable standard coal. All kinds of emission targets are lower than the national (GB13271-2001) “boiler air pollutant emission standards”, is a substitute for electricity, fuel, gas, coal, the best products. The running cost of the biomass pellet is low, and the operation cost of the 40%–50% is saved by the fuel oil, gas and electric heating, and is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving and environmental protection.
生物质颗粒规格是长度2-4CM左右,直径8MM(可为大客户专门定做6、8、10、12MM),高位热值(kcal/kg)4500-5000。含水率(%)10。密度(kg/m3)>1.12。灰分(%)﹤1.5。全硫 (%)﹤0.03。
Biomass particle size is about 2-4CM length, 8MM diameter (can be customized for large customers 6, 8, 10, 12MM), high calorific value (kcal/kg) 4500-5000. Moisture content (%) 10. Density (kg/m3) >1.12. Ash (%) < 1.5. Total sulfur (%) < 0.03.
Advantages of biomass pellet fuel;
1, clean and environmental protection, biomass pellet fuel is a natural biomass pellet fuel can substitute for urban gas, low moisture content, combustion air is easy to adjust, heat of combustion efficiency is high.
2, space saving, due to high temperature compression biomass fuel, greatly saving the storage space, but also easy to transport.
3, high thermal efficiency of combustion; biomass pellet fuel can greatly improve the combustion performance of wood materials, thermal efficiency can be increased by more than 80%, 1 tons of biomass pellet fuel produced by the equivalent of 0.8 tons of coal.
4, the use of safe, biomass pellet fuel due to the biological fertilizers or MUKANG taken from the natural state, does not contain fissile, explosions and other chemicals, so it won’t happen poisoning, explosions, leaks and other accidents.
5, sustainable use. Biomass pellet fuel combustion, the ash can be used as fertilizer, to promote the growth of new plants, into a new cycle, so that supply a steady stream of biological resources and sustainable utilization.

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