(For beginner) Plywood knowledge& Manufacturing Experience Part 20: Are you ready to upgrade your plywood manufacturing production line and its technology ?

Now due to a gradual rise in the cost of labor in China, although China still have not lose labor cost advantage, but this advantage has gradually become each labor intensive enterprises worry, many factories in preparation for the pick and upgrade their production equipment and production technology. For example, choose more automation equipment, try to reduce the factors involved in human.

Many good financial background plywood manufacturers through innovation in financing and business modes and gradually updated their quality levels  ,thanks to its “finance plus science and technology” and “fiscal subsidy plus market operation” approaches.The Industries  Association encourages enterprise equipment and technological improvements through financing and leasing.

Most of the plywood manufacturers have been trying to spend more and more percent of their income on science and technology R & D, which accounts for more than 10 percent of its patents, and it is cooperating with more and more science and technology institutions on an innovation and industrial chain and has of the necessary policies and training.More and more people have gotten national qualification and certification through the training programs.

More plywood factories plans to increaseits investment in other plywood products such as melamine plywood and Kitchen cabinets and furniture  in response to the Made in China 2016 initiative and in the process help Chinese manufacturers transform and upgrade.

More and more factories worked together  launched the new teconology  project with more R&D to help the enterprise and research institute to handle the challenges that the country is facing such from malaysia and brazil and indonesia ….

More automatic machines  are widely applied in the plywood industry in China. The market potentialin China is huge, and with the Made in China 2020 initiative, nobody   unwilling to losethis golden opportunity.

Recently ,more and more factories  see the next stage of China’s emergence as an economic superpower in its ambition to design and make products of the future required not only by Chinese consumers, but consumers around the world .Such as the new product melamine PLywood and PVC board …

This is the best guarantee for Chinese investors,especially the biomass pellet fuel to reduce the risks of the pollutation ,already updated and upgraded Their  long-term perspective allows them to invest more annual revenue in R&D ,more companies are not just only focused on short to medium-term returns.



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