(For beginner) Plywood knowledge& Manufacturing Experience Part 25: automatic core veneer stitching machine

Last week, With a friend visited some of the plywood machinery factories  to buy the  full sets of production equipments, Found the emergence of many new factories and their degree of automation are higher than the older generation of production equipment,simplified much more , automation degree high, technology is more mature, but the price is higher, they most of the factories have their own technology research and innovation team. In the labor-intensive industries, as long as control of the quality of the machinery , the reasonable  cost,the  two concepts can take a more long-term development .成品自动化程度高了,可以弥补原来一些中国特色的原材料级别低的不足,可以提高质量,比如,一些拼板机厂,解决了芯板拼缝的问题,这个前几年还没有得到大力推广,现在越来越多的厂家定制了这个大型拼板机。只要是从15CM宽的芯板单板都可以拼成整张。但是一般还是1220方向的拼接,比如单板的长度是1270MM乘以宽度是86CM ,那么就是1270的长边拼接1270MM的边,矩形边。现在很多的机械设备厂还无法实现86CM边的拼接。
Machinery’s automation has upgraded , can make up the deficiency of the original level of some characteristics of China raw materials of low quality core veneer , can improve the whole quality . For example, some core veneer stitching machine factory  solved the core veneer seam/gaps problems, a few years ago has not been popularized, now more and more manufacturers customized this large stitching machines. As long as it is from the core veneer width of 15CM single veneer can be made into a whole pieces of core veneer but short grain core veneer . In general or 1220 direction of the splicing, such as the length of the single veneer is 1270MM and the width of the 86CM, then is 1270 of the long edge stitching 1270MM edge, rectangular edge. Now a lot of mechanical equipment factory can not achieve 86CM edge stitching.
Generally now the stitching is stitched to a about 1280MMX2520MM whole piece core veneer , the thickness can be 1.2mm to 3.6mm veneer. The technology of this equipment is very mature for a lot of factories.
These pieces of the core veneer, need to manually lift up and then put to the moving table .
现在一些有技术创新和研究的工厂,已经研究出来了,可以加长甚至直接让自动化设备去接手或者代替人工铺上下芯板的设备。基本有两种类型,一种是简易的直接拼接然后通过传送带直接送入铺板线 。另一种是先拼接好芯板,卷成一个轴,这个大圈轴,可以卷到大约150米到400米长。然后通过一定的技术,直接自动化随着自动 铺板线 同步 铺到铺板线上。这个可以解决了上下杨木拼板的拼缝问题,减少了 腻子程序 ,节约了劳动成本,提高了生产效率,提高了产品档次和质量。
Now some of the technological innovation and research factory, has been studied, can be extended or even directly put the stitched veneer to the automation equipment veneer core lay-up moving table to take over or replace the manual lay up to the core board equipment. There are two basic types, one is direct and simple splicing through the conveyor belt directly into the veneer core lay-up moving table line. The other is the first assembled core veneer, rolled into a shaft, the shaft can be rolled into the circle, about 150 meters to 400 meters long. Then through the technology of automation with automatic direct line synchronous online shop to deck planking. This can be solved under the poplar veneer joints and gaps  seam problems, reduce the putty program, saves the labor cost, improve production efficiency, improve the product grade and quality.
China’s manufacturers should be so, through scientific and technological innovation, improve the competitiveness of products.

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