Professional training would be good for most of the Plywood QC/QA Parts 62: Checklist ,How the QC work end or end?

How the QC work end or end?
To scan the quality inspection report or take pictures to the company or just the quality of the inspection is completed and not send to the quality inspection report to the company?
Is it not the need for a complete quality inspection process, when or where to start, when and where to end?
Some of the QC inspector’s  execution  is very poor, although their experience is very rich, but unable to perform some of the requirements more stringent task. Company although repeatedly asked to go to the scene to do something, but once the vendor tried to explain no  need or not be able to finish the requested things on the  spot then  the QC hesitated and could not do the determination , such a quality inspector can only do some basic quality inspection work, do not allocate and give him something especially important.

For example ,one of the PO need prepare for samples for the buyers ,the QC manager repeated this to the QC when the QC was on the way to the factory ,told him the importance of the Plywood samples as this is new type of plywood for the buyer ,they need samples and photos .But when the suppliers said next shipment can cut the samples but not this shipment ,then the QC agreed .Actually this is not acceptable ,first ,this is new type of plywood,the buyer want to know the real quality from cutting the whole piece of plywood to small pieces to check the inside quality ,if anything bad can reject to ship them ,can not wait to next shipment .Second ,this is the buyer they needed to check the quality ,why delay to next shipment .So ,I said that the Execution is very poor ,he can not check and do according to the checklist ,he did not finish his QC job completely .

一条一条的去执行,每完成一条要求,可以打个对号,如果无法完成的要求,可以打个×,然后最后把CHECKLIST用微信或者QQ或者WHATSAPP or dingding 钉钉发到公司去确定。
Execute and complete the QC checklist one by one , Every time when finish the checklist , can make a checkmark , if unable to complete the requirements can make a “x” , and finally in the factory before leave send  the checklist by wechat  channel or QQ or WhatsApp issued to the company to determine,after they checked everything ,then can leave the factory .The QC should execute your duties.



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