Professional training would be good for most of the Plywood QC/QA Parts 63:when plywood buyers come,what the QC should do ?

When foreign customers come to visit chinese plywood manufacturers,what your QC or you will do ?What you do when accompanied with the buyers?

I have some advice for the suppliers or the QC manager :

1.Listen what the buyers say about the quality ,then you would have more clear idea about the quality requirments when make the inspection and grading in the future .

2.Write everything what you heard from the buyers .

3.Take pictures or video what your customer showed to you about the plywood grading and defects …

4.Just follow the buyers every seconds and every minutes to learn something and understand clearly something .

5.Communicate with the buyers what they really wanted and waht the plywood would be used for and the application .

6.Try to show the buyers what you have confused before  ,talk with the buyers what you questioned before ,if have rejected plywood,show to the buyers ,get confirmation and reached an agreements for the quality .

Have a clear grading rules and inspection key points and checklist .



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