(For beginner) Plywood knowledge& Manufacturing Experience Part 34: electrician and the equipment repairman and related protective equipments

Electrician and the equipment repairman  are the important workers like   a doctor, make the equipment inspection, treatment, they play a very important role in the normal operation of the wood panels plant’s equipment.Regular production line equipment maintenance and repairing is conducive to the stability of product quality,especially the plywood hot pressing plates cleaning and sanding machine adjusting .

what they did is to reduce the risks of the potential running problems of the plywood production machinery ,find the problems ,solve the problems .Not just quality ,but also the potential accident risks .In particular, the power of the electricity accident, the electricity is invisible touch things, whether it is the leakage of electricity, or the hidden power, it is necessary to strict inspections, found that the accident, the eradication of the accident in the bud.

The aging of the wire is easy to cause the wire to fire.Leakage protection device can enable workers to be protected, so for the installation of leakage protection devices and buy also carefully, it must be genuine, but also the quality of clearance.Each potential risk area or equipment should have a clear equipment risk identification brand, which indicates the potential risks, this is the work of each equipment maintenance and electrical needs to do.

To protect the electrician ,when they work, also need   carried out by a qualified electrician to install  devices, used in insulating gloves.

the special job workers also should have the Steel toe cap shoes,Safety shoes , oil-resistant,    steel toe cap, steel mid sole available.

electric welders ,Apparel usual necessary personal protective equipment: work clothes, protective shoes,crash helmet, protective glasses, and earplug.

Also should have full sets of the firefighting equipments in the plywood factory ,as all the wood materials don’t like fire .

All these should be equiped with when working in the plywood factory .



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