Professional training would be good for most of the Plywood QC/QA Parts 65: how to inspect the face veneer glue bond strength ?

The general test to inspect hardwood plywood wood face veneer adhesion strength , there are a lot of methods, I most commonly used several methods, one  is rubbed with plywood to the short side edges 1220, along the grain 2440 direction, against the direction to tear or, in opposite directions of the face veneer, to see if they could expose themselves or delaminate  them . This method can only detect edge bonding strength.一般的情况下,检验普通胶合板的面皮胶合强度,有很多的方法,我最常用的几种方法,一种是用手搓胶合板的短边1220边,顺着木纹2440方向,逆着方向去揭或者斯面皮,看是否能揭起来。这个方法只能检测边部的胶合强度。I can‘t get the face veneer off this platform, it‘s been glued on.If the glue strength is not good,I could tear the plywood platform and veneer  of plywood in half.

My commonly used method, using a sharp blade, in the middle position of the plywood board, and grain direction vertical and tried to draw a length of about 10cm distance seam, along the veneer seam, hard again tear the face veneer and see if we can remove themselves.另外一个我常用的方法是,利用锋利的刀片,在板子的中间位置,和木纹方向垂直,使劲划一个长约10CM距离的缝,顺着缝,再使劲揭面皮,看是否可以揭起来。

If These veneers  stuck together& I can‘t pull them apart.If the glue strength is good ,It would take more time to peel off the veneers. 

consmos Keruing_face_veneer_for_plywood_making_face_laminated_BB_grade8 face_veneer_commercial_plywood_1300mm_x_2600mm_with_smooth

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