(For beginner) Plywood knowledge& Manufacturing Experience Part 37: Plywood Hot pressing plates close and open speed and time

the closing speed of the hot pressing plates for film plywood hot pressing machine and veneer plywood hot pressing machine decide the final quality of the finished plywood ,if too long time closing time ,will make the glue aging and cause the glue strength weak ,the film more burn marks or the veneeed faced plywood more open splits .If too short closing time ,it is more risky for operators or workers to operate .so, for the set of the hot pressing closing time is very important for factories should know and follow .

It too fast opening speed,the wood panels or plywood have more risks to create delamination of the film with the substrate or the wood face veneer with the platform .}

It too slow ,can reduce the efficiency of the production ….

How much weight of the hot pressing machine ?

400t or 500 t ?

Many hot pressing machine are launched for plywood making machine ,specially designed for furniture factories ,artificial board secondary pressing such as verneeer factories for pressing building partions ,wood panels ,decorative veneer panels and other kinds of engieneered wood panels,cloths ,veneer and PVCS to various substrates such as plywood ,MDF ,Particle board and other types of platforms .

The hot press machine also works for drying and leveling ,particularly decorative wood chip leveling .Manual and automatic controls make the hydraulic pressing faster ,more precise ,and more convenient for high end quality wood panels to use .it is easy to dissemble and assemble for easy transportation .


Structural features of 500 T hot pressing machine

  1. Heating platenthe heating platen is made from a carbon steel plate with drilled holes for strength and durability .A working table of 2700mmx1370mm allows factories to operate the wood working machine .
  2. Heating system
    the hot pressing comes with a special heating system which employs a heating transference oil boiler that features a contercurrent flow and a high temperature ,and lowers the system pressre to meet safety requirements .The heat system’s closed circulation transfers energy via liquid ,thus reducing heat loss and saving overall energy .
  3. hydraulic system
    this type of hot press is a hydraulic plywood press with adjustable hydraulic pressure .
  4. Oil cylinder
    the oil cylinder is made with high precision tools ,and sealants prevent oil from leaking .
  5. Control system
    the hot pressing machine are equipped with a microcomputure control system for both manual and automatic control .With a simple push of a button you can control a whole sets of process incuding pressing plates ascending ,closing ,pressing adding ,pressing matinatainting ,timing and pressing plates descending .


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