(For beginner) Plywood knowledge& Manufacturing Experience Part 39: What kinds of Core veneer and Veneer core quality levels of your plywood can you supply to us ?

What kinds of Core veneer and Veneer core quality levels of your plywood can you supply to us ?
We have Four different quality levels of plywood to support you .
Core veneer Grade
(1) Our core veneer have three grades
First grade :Used for top and bottom face and back of the inside core platform ,we can also call it surface grade ,under the film and wood face veneer .This kind of face grade core veneer has no patches ,no holes ,no shrinkage ,flat and smooth ,standard size ,no short size ,uniform thickness ,pure white color without dead knots and worm holes ,good looking and suitable for laminating wood veneer and film or HPL ,suitable for sanding and gluing .This layer of the veneer are normally stitching veneer without gaps and overlaps .

Second grade :This quality levels core veneer are used under the top and bottom crossband veneer ,Second-to-top and Second-to-bottom face veneer ,can have a few small worm holes ,no need uniform white color ,no need so smooth ,but must have a good thickness and standard sizes ,can not have patches and shrinkage .This layer of the core veneer are normally finger joint and scarf joint .

Third grade : This kind of quality core veneer are used only the inside of the core platform ,can have small dead knots and holes and rough cutting marks ,standard sizes and thickness ,no color requirement ,suitable for gluing ,no short size ,uniform thickness ,can have a little shrinkage but must be cut the overlaps when gluing or used for dry veneer .This layer are normally hand-made lay-up ,no machinery joint .

Fourth Grade : This kind of core veneer ,can accept small patches and knot holes  ,Square or rectangular core veneer ,should be neat and organized shape  core veneer ,no color requirement ,only for dry veneer used for the plywood .Sizes can be a little short but should be repaired .

 Veneer core Quality and Grade 

We have 4  different grades of the veneer core
First grade : all machinery joint core veneer ,with very less core voids and overlaps ,straight core veneer and good looking edges without putty or wood dust make-up .This kind of Core are the top quality can be used for special use such as CNC cutting and drilling ,Laminating and painting  . 

Second Grade : This quality levels of the core can accep some core voids but limited ,can not accept overlaps ,straight core veneer layers .This grade can use for furniture parts and other industrial use ,clear layers of core veneer,no need for make up th edges with putty and wood dust ,good looking . 

Third Grade : This quality plywood are used for normal common use ,have a little more core voids and overlaps ,but also straight core veneer layers ,good looking edges with putty or wood dust make-up .Most of the importers they are buying this kind of plywood from China.This kind of quality levels should be have more than 70% of the whole export market share .

Fourth Grade : this quality levels plywood are only for common use ,no special use ,for packing grade normally or inside use such as sofa parts No need to be exposed,But need good strength .

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