(For beginner) Plywood knowledge& Manufacturing Experience Part 40: Automatic mahines with high Technology and WORKERS quantity,an interesting phenomenon in the plywood industry

Purchasing managers have you found  an interesting phenomenon, now in the plywood industry have a new development trend, especially in some new factories, more and more production lines  ,  more and more automated Manufacturing equipments , less and less workers   .
I remember several years ago  before when I did sales often Proud of speaking with customers that our factory has hundreds of thousands workers.Now times have changed, equipment technology changes, the purchaser need to pay attention when determining a new supplier, now more  production line , fewer and fewer people, the factory quality are more stable, such a factory is worth to visit and establish cooperation.
High degree of automation of the production line, for the requirements of raw materials will be improved, the profitability and size of a business is no longer based on the number of workers fixed, no longer proportional, but inversely proportional .
Do you agree?

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