Application of environmental protection and energy saving equipment in plywood processing industry

After so many visits of the plywood factories in north of China  Over the past few months of different plywood processing and production areas , the local enterprises are in a positive response to the government to develop ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY requirements,the people support the policy to have a good blue sky for their daily life and travel .The manufacturers must fully committed in the protection and sustainability of the environment.

From the north to the south of the wood panels processing and production bases, especially in Linyi and Pizhou now the reform is quite large. Hot pressing equipment , boiler of heating system, sanding machine and sawing machine, all equipment must be equipped with the Anti-dust and environmental protection equipments, to prevent the pollution of the atmosphere and the environment .

In fact, have been doing plywood for more than ten years, in the past few years, rarely saw  the blue sky. These two years,  from the rectification of environmental pollution, almost every day can see the blue sky. Breathe more smoothly, and the body is more healthy.

So ,when the sourcing managers go to source new wood panels suppliers,can check their ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY machines first ,if ok,place the POs ,if not ok ,cancel the meeting .A good factory should have good ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLYequipments to protect the people and then can make good plywood .

Since last year, the various regions  carried out special rectification actions of the plywood polluting enterprises, with remarkable results. Effectively manage the “black smoke” phenomenon. our plywood industry affects Air pollution , in order to put an end of the pollution to the plywood factory, comprehensive environmental protection bureau network, completes each line, carried out the “dust pollution and glue production rectification, ordered region toxic glue enterprises suspend production for rectification, cut the plywood industry pollution chain; , advance in the renovation of plywood to accelerate the development of transformation and upgrading. For large scale plywood enterprises, actively organize and guide to accelerate the transfer of the surrounding processing park;

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