(For beginner) Plywood knowledge& Manufacturing Experience Part 45: heat conducting oil used for plywood Hot pressing heating system

Changcheng QB300 is one of the best heat conducting oil for plywood hot pressing machines ,some other brand names are also good .The oil heating way mainly relies on the existing heat-conducting and heat-tracingsystems for maintaining oil temperature in pipeline. The wood panels machinery hot pressing equipments Its heating medium is heat conductive oil.

Normally need heat Temperatures have peaked at over 150 Centigrade or above according to the required temperature the factories needed .Need to slow gradually heating, can not be sharply and dramatically heated to a certain temperature.need heat the oil according to the instructions .During the heating process ,
In the process of heating, the temperature gradually increased, workers need to pay close attention to heat oil pipeline response, check whether there is oil leakage, heat supply system is operating normally, the rate of temperature increase, the dust discharge system is working properly?

Heat oil in a hot press cycle is normal, temperature hot press on the device is accurate to indicate the temperature? Is there an infrared thermometer to test the temperature of the pressure plate and the inlet temperature and the temperature of the oil outlet is consistent?

Is there any electric wire near the heat conductive oil pipeline? If the wire on the heat conducting oil pipe, as a result of the temperature over 100 degrees Celsius, the shell of the wire is likely to melt, to carefully check the wire there is no potential risk?


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