(For beginner) Plywood knowledge& Manufacturing Experience Part 49: Manufacturing CFC – Combination Fiber Core ,NAUF CFC VENEER CORE PLYWOOD

CFC – Combination Fiber Core has wood veneer inner plys and a thin layer of MDF as it’s cross bands. This aspect of the panel offers both the proven track record and screw holding aspect of veneer core, as well as the superior finishing standards expected of a MDF core panel at the same weight as traditional veneer core panels.

CFC Veneer core (CFC) combines MDF cross bands with softwood veneer innerplies. The MDF cross bands provide an ultra smooth surface to reduce telegraphing through the face, while the veneer innerplies maintain the strength and screw-holding power of a veneer core panel. This option is recommended for high-end veneers.

Also other new related categories CFC panels such as CHINESE FIR BLOCKBOARD WITH MDF CROSSBAND ,have you seen the finger joint chinese fir lumber core ,smells very good .i like very much ,especially the lumber core with sanded mdf crossbanding ,really very nice . 

Plywood Panel cores include veneer core, veneer core with composite cross bands (CFC), MDF and particleboard. If All panels are California Air Resources Board (CARB),this is very high end formaldehyde emission levels .

When doing the CFC panels ,normally the first step is to select the good oversize MDF for the top and bottom of the platform ,not standard size of the MDF ,also the thickness of the MDF is very important ,in China ,not easy to find 1.8mm MDF ,so most of the factories using 2.0mm to 2.7mm MDF as the crossband ,CARB E0 glue .

From last week ,we found some 1.8mm MDF ,but the prices are very high ,qualty is so perfect also .

When laminating the MDF ,the glue is very important ,can not use water base Glue ,as the MDF would  be swelled and delaminated ,the Moisture content of the Glue are also very important ,when manufacturing the CFC ,should be very careful .

When laminating the wood face veneer on the MDF ,also need be careful about the glue used for contact the wood face veneer and MDF substrate .

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