(For beginner) Plywood knowledge& Manufacturing Experience Part 51:What are the manufacturing difference of the 11-ply ,7-ply,5-ply thick core veneer platform ?

 Core veneer thickness  are different and Manufacturing production process and skill are also different :

Core voids 

Core overlaps 

These two defects are the most quality problems for factories to avoid ,especially for thick core veneer plywood ,more thick more difficulty for workers to manage ,if machine joint thick core veneer or whole piece of core veneer 2500x1260mm (long grain ) that would be a little easy .

That is why in China 1.8mm thick core veneer are standard thickness .Other thickness are special and not usual ,the prices difference are also very big !~Special thickness core veneer such as  2.4mm to 3.0mm and 3.6mm to 4.0mm are difficult for plywood factories to make the veneer core lay-up ,the workers are not easy to constructure them by hands .The long grain is whole piece core veneer peeled from the logs directly ,not machine joint …

If do oversize 18mm 49”x97” thick core veneer platform ,that can be more difficult than regular 1220x2440mm ,such as Veneer Core Platform 49”x128”x17.5mm

18mm 3-ply veneer core construciton (Very special ) very high prices

18mm 5-ply veneer core construction (Very special  More higher prices , more higher prices .

18mm 7-ply veneer core construction  (A little special )  standard more higher prices ,market higher prices .

18mm 9-ply veneer core construction (A little special )  standard higher prices ,market higher prices .

18mm 10-ply veneer core construction (A little special ) standard prices ,market prices .

18mm11-ply veneer core construction (Standard ) standard prices ,market prices .

18mm 13-ply veneer core construction  (A little special )  standard higher prices ,market higher prices .

Peel the poplar logs in  custom-made core veneer factory ,the core veneer are whole piece core veneer like 127cmx252cm (not 126x84cm ),so ,no core voids and overlaps ,uniform thickness and smooth surface ,light weight and color .

Custom sizes can be scheduled for production. Choose from standard plys or custom panels to the required specifications. Calibrated platforms.

18mm 7-ply veneer core plywood ?CHEAPER AND COMPETITOR PRICES 1220x2440mm only .

This kind of plywood  use  less glue ,the workers are more efficient than 11-ply or 13 plies ,so ,the labor costs and glue costs and production process costs are less than regular 11 plies or 13 layers production .So the machine costs are less .

I mean ,this is standard size 1220x2440mm or 48”x96” size plywood .

If oversize thick core veneer plywood like 49”x97” ,the costs will be much higher than regular 11 layers or 13-ply ,just because of the “OVERSIZE” inch ,the costs dramtically changed and increased.

All the thick veneer are finer-jointed by finger joint machine ,make sure the surface are flat and smooth without veneer overlaps .

1220x2440x9mm ,3 -ply core veneer ,including the face/back total 5 plies.

1220x2440x15mm,5-ply core veneer ,

1220x2440x18mm,total 7 layers core veneer ,including the face and back total 9 plies.



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