(For beginner) Plywood knowledge& Manufacturing Experience Part 78:HPL FACED VENEER CORE PLYWOOD TO ISRAEL ,WHY THE MANUFACTURERS LOWERD THEIR QUALITY ?

I believe this is the market changing and the market competition .

Like film faced plywood,most of the Israel importers wanted lower and lower prices again to get purchase orders from their end customers ,that is why the manufacturers created so many different production process film faced plywood,one time ,two times ,three times hot press,joint core …..

HPL have experienced the same innovation ,most of the factories don’t use whole piece of wood face veneer under the HPL sheets already,just laminate the HPL sheets on the short grain veneer core directly .So the manufacturing costs are much less than original production process with whole piece of wood face veneer under the top and bottom HPL sheets.

Quality is lower …prices are much lower …

The HPL sheets quality also really lower than before ,not uniform thickness and the glue used for HPL sheets production are also lower than before ,never used real WBP glue ….that is crazy wen the HPL has delamination problems …..

Israel markets have many importers ,but quality levels are too much different ,why ?

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