(For beginner) Plywood knowledge& Manufacturing Experience Part 79: titanium pigment and Iron oxide pigments/auxiliary proportion of mixture used for plywood industry

titanium pigment and Iron oxide pigments/auxiliary used for plywood industry ,Their main use is to cover the processing defects on the surface of plywood.The influence of mixture ratio on preparation process were studied.The experimental results show the best mixture ratio of each color pigments.

We call the mixture is Masking agent or covering agent ,to hide suh as the telegraphing problems of the plywood panels .especiall for white birch ,white light color wood species or paper lamination .

With continuous improvement and development of titanium pigment preparation technology, production with excellent pigment properties, optical properties has becomethe developed trend of titanium dioxide industry

The substitute product of titanium dioxide, having the properties same as titanium dioxide pigment and low price, is an important approach to solve the problem of titanium dioxide production and consumption rationally.

Performance of titanium dioxide pigment and its application in paints

Production of ferrous powder by oxidative roast of copperas, a byproduct of titaniumpigment was introduced, and optimum process for the transformation of sulfur to sulfurtrioxide was studied. Preparation of ( NH_4)_2SO_4 and Red Fe_2O_3 from Side Productof Making TiO_2 Powder

Titanium pigment is an important raw material in chemistry industry.

The titanium pigment is white pigments with wide utilization, which is applied in variousfields of social economy

Iron oxide pigments are the second largest output and consumption inorganic pigmentsonly next to titanium pigment and the largest volume colored inorganic pigments and areused widely in many fields.


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