(For beginner) Plywood knowledge& Manufacturing Experience Part 85:SIZES OF THE PRINTED LOGO ON THE FILM ,FILM FACED PLYWOOD

Sizes of the printed logo on the film ,film faced plywood

Have you ever checked the actual size of the printed logo on the film for your customer ?

hot pressing plate used for High Shining Glossy film faced plywood ,You must know this .

See the hot pressing plate used for high glossy film facedplywood ,make sure the film is shining .

film faced plywood is used as a formwork in industrial, commercial and civil works. It has many advantages compared to traditional product such as:

   Absolutely flat concrete surface, no mortar required after casting.
   Light density, portable, easy for installation. Labor cost saving and project schedule shortening.
   Waterproof, re-use for many times, high economic efficiency.
   High compressive strength, response calculated secure in construction.
   Easy to saw and link each other, favorable for usage.


   Film is phenolic resin adhesive membrane to make the smooth, low scratched surface and protect the plywood usage.

   Plywood core is using either Softwood or Hardwood.

   Plywood includes many layers of veneers that be hot pressed for 2-3 times with water boiled proof (WBP) glue helping to increase elasticity, hardness of plywood and working capability in wet outdoor condition.

Film faced plywood,the USA customer called them Concrete Form plywood ?

I saw many factories produced the film faced plywood with high excellent quality real WBP glue plywood for USA and Canada marked Concret form normally 18mmx1220x2440mm .

Plywood is an ideal material for concrete forming . It produces smooth surfaces and can be used repeatedly – some film faced plywood and overlaid panels up to 100 times or more. The thinner panels can be bent easily for curved forms and liners. Plywood’s excellent stiffness minimizes deflection during pouring. It’s natural insulating qualities help proved more consistent curing conditions. The large panel size and light weight reduce form construction and stripping time. Various surface textures are available for imparting attractive and unusual concrete textures.



Have your suppliers supply Dark Brown  and Green or black or red  water-based, acrylate
edge sealing paint for phenolic film faced  plywood ?

It is essential that all cut edges are re-sealed with paint to protect from moisture ingress.  Sheets are fully edge sealed to prevent penetration of moisture.SEALING OF EDGES Phenolic fabric film faced plywood edges are fully sealed at
the factory and it is the most important that all edges remain sealed .


From our edges ,you can see that we used real WBP phenolic glue plywood with WBP water-resistant seals.

Glues used in exterior and marine plywood that will be exposed to water and weather is described as WBP (Weather and Boil Proof). This only means that a plywood sample glued with this adhesive does not delaminate after a prolonged period of boiling. It is NOT a description of the type of glue. WBP only describes its characteristics. Several glues have proved to be WBP.

Most WBP glues are either melamine or phenolic glues. Lower quality melamine plywood can sustain 4-8 hours boiling without delaminating. Higher end melamine can last between 10-20 hours in the boil test.

Phenolic plywood is considerably more resistant (24-72 hours). The best phenolic glue can be regarded as essentially permanent adhesives and are used in the higher grades of Marine Plywood.

Various organizations have set up standards for the testing of glues and marine plywoods must conform in order to be able to claim conformance to the marine plywood standards.

It is likely that under sustained boiling, plywood plies glued with high end phenolic adhesive, will fail before the glue. It is therefore important to consider the ply quality and manufacture quality along with the quality of the adhesive. No amount of quality WBP will keep a poorly manufactured panel made with inferior plies together.

What is MR plywood

Like the term WBP (Weather and Boil Proof) the MR (Moisture Resistant) term describes a characteristic of glue rather than a specific formulation. MR glue manufactured plywood can withstand immersion in cold water for several days without delaminating. Exposure to hot water will cause some panels to delaminate within 30 minutes. These panels are perfect for interior or furniture applications but have no use for boats.

Film Faced Plywood

These plywoods are made with a phenolic impregnated paper covering or replacing the face veneers. They are produced in great quantity for use in concrete forms, where the smooth outside allows for easy release. They are also used for signs, furniture and any application where ease of finish or even a pre finish is useful.

The adhesive used is often WBP (definitely moisture resistant MR). Where Film Faced Plywood is most different from Marine Plywood is in the quality of the plies. The film faced ply is more likely to have voids, knots, joins including butt joins and repairs. The quality and strength of the veneers needs not be as good as marine plywood.

Marine vs Exterior

Both marine and exterior plywood are regulated so that the adhesives used in their manufacture can withstand severe conditions including boiling for several hours.

The main differrence is in the quality of the plies used. Number of knots, joins, repairs, voids are all strictly regulated in marine ply and less so in outside ply.

How to compare the Multi Layer  Film faced plywood or Joint core ffp ?

Multi Layer means all the core veneer are not used ,all fresh from the logs by peeling directly.

The joint core ,means recycled veneer core plywood from the used plywood or damaged plywood and cut into small pieces and make the joint core again to use .

Joint core ,actually ,we can say it is lumber core like blockboard .

The brown film Trademark Layout of the film faced plywood

1.the size of the Trademark will be printed or typed

2.HOw many pieces of trademarks will be printed in all directions

3.what is the font color of the trademarks

4.There is a space of how many meters between two rows of trademarks ?

4.the font are full or color

5.A good dye will not fade.

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