(For beginner) Plywood knowledge & Manufacturing Experience Part 87: “JOINT CORE” IS NOT A SENSITIVE WORDS ANYMORE IN THE FILM FACED PLYWOOD INDUSTRY (JARGON)

“Joint core” is not a Sensitive words anymore in the film faced plywood industry (jargon)

Remember several years ago ,(Min 3 years ago0 when I first found the joint core from one or two factories using the recycled plywood to cut to small pieces to make film faced plywood core ,I could not believe the market would accept and have a big market today ,because of the quality risks ,too weak to make film faced plywood.

Now ,the whole middle east markets even the european and asia markets  more and more importers trying to buy this quality levels joint core ffp ,because of the cheap prices and more strong quality .

Even two years ago ,no buyers or sellers want to say “joint core or recycled core ” ,because they don’t want to create the problems for their sales .

Now ,even the end customers they recognized the quality and already the market accepted the quality for some special uses .

Also ,more and more commercial plywood importers try to buy joint core commercial plywood ,…..this is the market changing ….


Have you checked your one time hot press ffp moisture content ?








Film face plywood: variety of sizes, China Black and Dynea Brown, Yellow, Red and White film
Our most successful product from China with sales to active customers in 20 countries. This product is ideal for concrete formwork and can be reused repeatedly. Additionally, this product is very suitable for truck and trailer flooring applications.

Most common sizes: 2500x1250mm and 2440x1220mm in both WBP Exterior and MR Interior Glue, E1 emission standard.

Plywood can be covered with smooth film on both sides or with smooth film on one side and wire mesh on the reverse (truck flooring application). The customers have a choice between China-produced Black film or Dynea Brown. The weight of the film is normally 120g/m2; however, it can be tailored to individual requests.

1220x2440x18mm (Min thickness is 17.7mm ) 72 hours boiling test ,32KGS/PCS to 34kgs/pcs .

Full Hardwood Eucalyptus Core veneer Phenolic WBP glue film faced plywood pass 72 hours boilling test

See the production ,all AAA grade eucalyptus core veneer Phenolic WBP glue glue ,1220x2440x18mm Film faced plywood production .

During-production inspection is very important to know the core veneer quality and core construction ,make sure the final quality can be reached .

Moisture Content of the Film faced plywood ?Have you ever tested ?

The moisture content of the FFP is very important and more sensitive than other types of commercial plywood .Normally 6% to 12% ,this is very important to produce good film faced plywood .

If too high more than 14%,means the film will be bubble or have many marks or shadows showing on the surface …

If too low than 6% ,means the plywood will be a a little bbrittle and fragile ,,,,

Many importers want to have a better weight to have a good strong strength ,then the manufacturers will now dry the core veneer to have a high MC to increase the weight .That is not the best way to do business ,many risks .

SGS certified Film faced plywood with SGS label .

Visited one big and professional film faced plywood has volume production to Europe markets like Germany,Poland,UK and France ,1250x2500x21mm and 18mm ,Exterior E-1 glue brown film .

CE + 2 & 4 ,VLC and FSC


  • FSC certified
  • PEFC certified
  • VLC certified
  • EUTR certificate

Film faced plywood is a concrete shuttering plywood, with a smooth, double-sided phenolic film overlay and sealed edges. It is also a multipurpose and maintenance free cladding panel for the transport industry and agriculture.


Base plywood: Poplar/birch/combi/hardwood core
Glue: W. B. P. Glue (weather/ boil proof)
Film color of Film Faced Plywood: Dark brown, black film. Other colors like yellow, green, grey, light brown can be special ordered.

Thickness of Film Faced Plywood:
Mm 4 6.5 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30

Size of Film Faced Plywood:复件 DSC08303

1200 1200/ 1800/ 2400/ 2650/ 2700/ 3000/ 3660mm
1200 1220/ 1525/ 2440/ 3050/ 3660mm
1250 1250/ 2500mm
1500 1500/ 1800/ 2400/ 2700/ 3000/ 3600mm
1525 1525/ 2440/ 3050/ 3660mm
1875 1525/ 2440/ 3050/ 3660/ 3700mm

Other sizes available by order. Maximum standard thickness is 40mm.
The first measurement indicated the orientation of the surface veneer grain. Plywood can also be special ordered with a longitudinal grade orientation.

Quality standard of Film Faced Plywood: EN 13986: 2004
Structural plywood in external conditions (EN636-3S) complying with EN 636
Structural plywood in internal conditions (EN636-2S) complying with EN 636
Structural plywood in internal dry conditions (EN636-1S) complying with EN 636
All with formaldehyde class E1.

Smooth concrete form, cassette systems, transport equipment containers, trailer side boards, horse trailers, sliding doors.

Our products – plywood and veneer are delivered to countries like Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Italy , Austria, Germany, Albania, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar and are highly appreciated due to their quality and competitive prices.

Actually,18mm and 12mm and 21mm are normally film faced plywood I have seen in the recent years ,today visited one of our suppliers ,found that they were producing excellent good 9mm film faced plywood,this is really very nice and good quality I have seen .

REMEMBER 6 years ago I saw one factory in linyi produced 1200x2400x4mm film faced plywood,really very surprise to see such thin film faced plywood .

I saw they were producing the following film faced plywood also :

A) Face & Back: Brown film, Black film, Anti-slip film faced plywood
B) Specification: 2440X1220, 2500X1250, 1830X915mm
C) Thickness: 6.0mm ,9mm,12mm,15mm,18mm,21mm film faced plywood
D) Glue: MR, Melamine, WBP
E) Core: Poplar, hardwood, birch, poplar and hardwood mixed film faced plywood


Found some interesting thing these days,found more and more factories are trying to make sanded joint core   two times hot pressing film faced plywood .

Smoothly sand the joint core platform first ,and then laminate the brown or black film or wood face veneer .

This is just like two times hot pressing smoothly sanded plywood .

See the pictures already trimmed the core and sanded .

The strength is much better than last couple of years as the skill is more professional .


Quality is never sacrificed to our new process innovation of calibrated plywood which is double pressed. Prior to lamination of face veneer we take the extra step of sanding the base plywood platform using calibrated sanders. We set our sanders to tight tolerance to deliver sheets with straighter, flatter boards, more even edges, and more accurate dimensions. Once the bonding process is complete, both the faces of plywood are also calibration-sanded to a high finish to enhance the appearance of the grain, and to ensure the panel meets thickness requirements. Our plywood is consistently smooth and attractive from edge to edge, sheet to sheet, making it less likely to splinter, and perfect for use in design elements.


Visited the factories ,found the joint core used for the film faced plywood are increasing ….

Means your ffp selling prices or purchasing prices will be increased accordingly.

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