(For beginner) Plywood knowledge& Manufacturing Experience Part 93:SAPWOOD AND HEARTWOOD OF WHITE BIRCH PLYWOOD

White Birch Cabinet Grade PlywoodWhite birch can be used for a variety of applications including for making cabinetry, closets, and other types of furniture. This plywood has a nice wood surface and it can be stained for a beautiful finished look. We supply a vast selection of multi-ply veneer white birch plywood

¼” x 4’ x 8’ VC, C-3, 5 Ply Plywood
½” x 4’ x 8’ VC, C-3, 9 Ply Plywood
¾” x 4’ x 8’ VC, C-3, 13 Ply Plywood

C grade white birch face with .35mm face thickness and a 2 grade birch back. This plywood is sanded birch.

•18mm thickness with a .5mm tolerance
•11-Ply, with calibrated Poplar core, moisture controlled for stability
•Veneer core
•Sanded two sides
•Great for crafts
•Hardwood plywood


– Audio speakers and amps
– Cabinets and drawers
– Cable reels
– Concrete forms
– Flooring and underlayment
– Furniture frames and components
– Laser cuttings
– Packaging
– Platforms and Overlay

Birch, Chinese: White, Pre-Finished

White Chinese Birch panels are available pre-finished with a durable, clear U.V. coating in both 1-side and 2-side configurations. These panels are a great time saving alternative for your project by taking the finishing step out of the process.

5.2 mm C-2 UV1S
12 mm C-2 UV1S & UV2S
15 mm C-2 UV1S & UV2S
18 mm C-2 UV1S & UV2S

Rotary Cut, Whole Piece Face, Veneer Core
Poplar & Eucalyptus Core Species

More and More Fresh New birch logs imported to China before CNY already from last week

I saw more and more domestic truckloads loaded full birch logs from foreign countries like russia to China last week when I travelled in linyi and pizhou .

What this mean ?

THe markets in the USA and Canada are recovering and going better ,the whole world economy are becoming hot .

Another important thing is most of the plywood manufacturers can use fresh new birch face veneer for their customers after CNY .this is a really good news ,prices will be reasonable and quality will be perfect and more better than before CNY.

Color: Sapwood is creamy-white or yellowish tinged, heartwood is light reddish brown.

Characteristics: While most often sold unselected for color, some users specify Sap Birch (all sapwood or white wood cuttings) or Red Birch (all heartwood cuttings), because of the distinct color difference between the sapwood and heartwood. Sometimes Birch shows very small pin knots and often shiny burlwood.

Texture: Uniform, fine grain pattern, medium weight, excellent in turnings, machines easily.

The Wood: Birch has long been used in kitchen cabinets and other carpentry for the home and office. Its fine grain pattern and excellent working qualities suit many wood working projects. Whether it is the creamy yellow of the sapwood for a light clean look or the rich reddish-brown of theheartwood for a more elegant warmth, Birch provides the user with an opportunity to express his individual style.

It should be noted that both White Birch (Betua papyrifera) and Red Birch (Betulanigra) are distinct species. To avoid confusion, a buyer should specify the species separately–here Yellow Birch, from the additional requirement of Sap Birch (sapwood cuttings) or Red Birch (heartwood cuttings).


Rotary cut natural birch veneer displays fine wood texture and a very irregular grain pattern.The grain pattern is accentuated by the presence of light-colored sapwood invaded by much darke heartwood. The extreme coloration differences may be highlighted or subdued when the   face veneer is stained and topcoat finished. These extreme coloration differences should be considered before specifying natural birch.

Grade Description
Color and Match
Color Streaks
Color Variation
Sharp Joint Contrast
Veneer Piece Width
Natural Characteristics
Burls/Pin Knots #
Burl Size
Pin Knots #
Repaired Knots
Mineral Streaks
Bark Pockets
Worm Tracks
Vine Marks
Cross Bars
Manufacturing Characteristics
Rough Cut
Hairline Splits
Blended Repairs
Special Characteristics

White Birch Plywood and, UV Pre-finished White Birch Plywood Production and inspection

C-2 and D-2 UV Pre-finished White Birch Plywood ,AND CABINET GRADE WHITE BIRCH PLYWOOD

carb Phase 2 certified E0 glue 1220x2440x18mm

Heartwood and Sapwood of white birch face veneer difference? Natural birch and White Birch difference ?

What these logs mean ?Means USA markets and Canada markets are crazy now ,very huge quantity POs for before CNY production and after CNY production …

C grade white birch face veneer is enough ,D and D+ grade white birch plywood face veneer are still in short supply ….

Why ?

Means the world market and financial are still recovering very slow ,most of the consumers still buy regular D and D+ grade birch plywood ,C is high grade since 2010.

Most the birch face veneer mills predicted that the short-supply of the  D and D+ grade birch face veneer will continue to end of March or early April …

C grade is ok

B grade is always in short supply

What about E grade birch ?Not in short supply

D and D+,please remember ,import birch logs immediately and sell them to local birch face veneer manufacturers to peel them immediately and make big money


One Linyi factory was producing high B grade HPVA/IWPA grade B and C+ birch plywood for California customer with CARB P2 certificates.They told me one of their best birch plywood customers  have bought russia birch for several years now changed to China suppliers since the USA canceled the anti-dumping against chinese hardwood plywood in last November 2013.From their purchasing list ,we can see that their grading rules are also russia birch grading rules .

I saw the face veneer is also 0.35mm used for UV finish plywood raw plain plywood as the substrate .

Birch plywood is preferred for its multiple plies /Layers of poplar and birch and hardwood veneer that provide superior stability and strength, with few voids and overlaps.

Face Veneer Grades:

C+ – Select one-piece face veneer has a uniform appearance and is free from defects.

C – One-piece face generally light and uniform in color. Pin knots and small sound tight knots are allowed. Occasional “football” patches are color matched to the veneer.

Also export  birch with a C face, luan, meranti, and marine grade meranti

Birch Chinese 1/8 5X5 B-BB VC

Birch Chinese 1/4 5X5 B-BB VC

Birch Chinese 1/4 5X5 BB-BB VC

Birch Chinese 3/8 5X5 B-BB VC

Birch Chinese 1/2 5X5 B-BB VC

Birch Chinese 1/2 5X5 BB-BB VC

Birch Chinese 1/2 4X8 BB-BB VC

Birch Chinese 5/8 5X5 BB-BB VC

Birch Chinese 3/4 5X5 B-BB VC

Birch Chinese 3/4 4X8 BB/BB VC

Birch Chinese 3/4 4×8 BB/C

Birch White   1/2 4X8 C2 VC

Birch White   3/4 4X8 C2 VC

Oak Red PS 5.2mm 4×8 A4 VC

Luan 1/4 4X10 BB-CC VC

Luan Plywood 1/2 4X8 VC

Meranti 1/8 4X8 Overlay & Btr VC

Meranti 1/4 4X8 Overlay & Btr VC

Marine Grade 6mm 4×8

Marine Grade 12mm 4×8

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