Professional training would be good for most of the Plywood QC/QA Parts 103:MDF AND HARDBOARD QC JOB WANTED

One of my friends in Egypt asked me to check if any chinese people can work for his company as the QC to help them to take care of this MDF and HARDBOARD quality .

If you want to apply the job ,please contact with us at the Email in our blog .

At the first beginning ,he want the QC work as part-time job,when he confirm the trial time,then work for a full-time QC .

Qualification High School AT LEAST
Experience Entry Level
QualificationsHave basic computer literacy
Be able to follow instructions from supervisor
Must be able to effectively communicate with outside inspectors
Must have strong organizational skills

This opening is for the Quality Control Inspector .


Fill out and organize daily quality assurance sheets and send to customer.
Perform daily quality assurance tests and record all results
Plan and run jobs in a timely and efficient manner in order to meet production deadlines

1. Immediately stop any Hardboard and MDF , which does not comply with the contract requirements.

2. Remove any individual from the inspection site who fails to perform their work in a skillful, safe and workmanlike manner or whose work does not comply with the contract plans and specifications.

3. Prepare daily QC Reports. Provide photographic documentation to support the work reported in the Daily Reports.

4. Hold weekly QC meetings with the manufacturers or exporters.
5. Ensure that MDF and hardboard quality are reviewed and approved, as required by the contract, prior to allowing material on site and work to proceed with these items.
6. Maintain a testing plan and log. Ensure that all testing is performed in accordance with the contract. Review all test reports and notify the Contracting Officer of all deficiencies, along with a proposal for corrective action.

7. Maintain rework log on site, noting dates deficiency identified, and date corrected.

8. Perform Punch-out and participate in Pre-final and Final acceptance Inspections.

9. Ensure that all required keys, operation and maintenance manuals, warranty certificates, and the As-built drawings are correct and complete.

10. Assure that all applicable tests, special inspections, and observations required by the contract are performed. Coordinate all factory and on-site testing, Testing Laboratory personnel, QC Specialists, and any other inspection and testing personnel required.

11. Retain a copy of approved submittals at project site, including Contractor’s copy of approved samples.

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