Professional training would be good for most of the Plywood QC/QA Parts 133: WHAT IS THE FIRST STEP OF THE PLYWOOD CHECKLIST?

What is the FIRST STep of the Plywood Checklist?

Many QC they don’t know what should be the first step to inspect wood panels and plywood,Even the old professional they sometimes “forgot ” the first step .

Check the outside apperance if the face/back and core types are the right types according to the PO ,the second is the Thickness,length and width and Moisture content .

Ok,now ,you rememer .

My friends told me they have one QC ,finished nearly 10 crates plywood without checking the width /length and thickness and MC,when he suddently checked the thickness ,found that the thickness didfference is so big and started to open all the crates to check .Waste of money and time and energy ,and the workers are not happy and …..

So ,I mean ,the checklist have the “MUST-DO” first ,then don’t miss any steps …

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