Professional training would be good for most of the Plywood QC/QA Parts 134: TAKE PICTURES/IMAGES OF THE PLYWOOD INSPECTIONPROCESS AND DEAILS TO SHOW TO YOUR CUSTOMERSa

Take pictures of the plywood inspectionprocess and deails to show to your customers

these pictures can show the whole production quality and plywood (will be shipped out of China ) quality ,or at least 90% of the quality should be shown from these pictures.

A grade how many pictures and how much percentage ?

B grade ….

C grade ….


All these should be shown ,so the end customers can know the general quality of this shipment .

Also take pictures of the rejected plywood pictures to show to the customers and the manufacturers tho remind them to pay attention and correct and improve .

The customers should feel that the “fearful” images of plywood the inspectors took  can show the  common characteristic of the whole production .

Not just asking to take one or two or 1000 images for just playing games with customers ,that is not good .

The images or pictures must can represent all the quality ,or at least 90% of the quality .


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