Professional training would be good for most of the Plywood QC/QA Parts 149: WHITE BIRCH PLYWOOD,WHAT GRADE CAN YOU GRADE ?

White birch Plywood,what grade can you grade ?

C2 or D/E or other grade ?

What is your grading rules for the white birch plywood?

D+/E standard ,C2 ,standard chinese face veneer thickness normally 0.25mm to 0.28mm currently this year .If special custom-made thickness,the prices can be changed accordingly.


18mm x1220x2440mm,POPLAR VC,E2 ,

D/E standard I think from most of the mills are 330USD/CBM to 340 USD/CBM ,

Some factories may don’t have good purchase orders ,can give 325usd/cbm to 330usd/cbm

When you buy plywood from China,not only the good face veneer ,but also the veneer core construction and production process and core veneer quality and defects of the manufacturing all decide the final quality and prices …

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