More and more foreign plywood importers complained that the plywood they imported from their plywood suppliers were always have warpping problems .

Why the plywood warpping created so many complaints from the users ?what caused the plywood warpping ?

Let’s discuss parts of the reasons here and know how to avoid this quality problems and buy good quality plywood without warpping .

Normally thin plywood has always warpping problems because of its core construction ,one side face plywood also have the warpping problems ,even the two sides face plywood if the two sides face are not the same wood species or not the same type of face ,like okoume /birch or birch/HPL ,or some other reasons like not the same thickness of the both face veneers on the plywood,Make sure that both sides of the plywood have the same veneer of film or paper thicknesses….even the most expensive ply can have a slight bow to it.

another major reason is the moisture content of the plywood created the warpping problems .

also the production process like not keep the plywood platform flat ,Best is to lay it flat …

Cabinet and furniture makers or producers agree that plywood is not suitable for making doors because of its tendency to warp. For flatness and stability, MDF-core and Particle board material are   better choices.

How to stop the warping and how to reject them and put them outside will be the first job the inspectors do ,help prevent more warping.

Currently for my 10 years inspection/quality control and producing experience there is no plywood today at any prices that will stay flat, guaranteed. Lay them flat with weight on top and they will still cup again.

Does anyone know of the best way to straighten these plywood?One of the  reasons is warping is because the moisture is changing after the panels are manufactured. This is 100% certain. It is my guess that the storage area is very dry or wet, drier or wetter than the MC of the plywood.Twist is a common type of warp with plywood.the warp is serious. One way to reduce the problem is to use a composite core or mixed hardwood veneer plus chinese poplar together ,that is one of the choices to make the plywood more flat and stable .

So how is your idea ?


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