“Correct quality issues early and avoid costly reworking”


We firmly believe that production quality control cannot start early enough. Inspections of raw materials and components before production begins may reveal crucial quality issues.

Catching and correcting these issues before mass production begins will save time and money by reducing the need for reworking later. Talk to an  quality expert today and discover the benefits of pre-production inspections and production quality control for your specific products.

Why inspect materials prior to mass-production?

We understand that the most effective way to prevent last minute quality-related delays is by inspecting and monitoring the product early in the manufacturing process.  auditors are highly trained to perform a rigorous inspection of your supplier’s stock of raw materials and components in order to identify any potential quality concerns.

By doing so weeks or even months before your shipment is due, we can ensure that the quality and timely delivery of your merchandise is never in jeopardy.
During your production quality control or pre-production inspection, one of our highly trained auditors will select a sample of raw materials or components on hand at the factory, at random, and based on internationally accepted AQL standards. This sample size is inspected according to industry and client-determined criteria and cross-checked against approved samples to determine if the finished products will meet the client’s expectations.


Pre-production inspections create the opportunity to:

■Obtain samples of raw materials for your reference or for thorough laboratory testing.
■Verify that the required manufacturing processes and equipment are available to produce your goods in the volume and timeframe you require.
■Ensure that necessary corrective actions are well understood by the factory and will be implemented.

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