now ,more and more ffp manufactuers or suppliers or plywood agents brokers started to ship more and more quantity cheapest joint core film faced plywood to foreign countries ,because of its professional and skilful production and technology right now ,the plywood strength are more better than before ,can even support heavy materials and very strong .

Its prices are too much lower than regular tradiction veneer core film faced plywood about 30USD/M3 to 40USD/M3 ,the price-advatage attached more and more plywood business people and leading plywood importers or wholesalers or distributors to do the business ,so much more prices difference.Not only to middle east markets ,but also shipped to africa and european developped countries already .Means the technology of the joint core plywood is good now can meet the quality requirements already.

Actually three years ago already some manufacturers gambled and shipped the joint core plywood out of china ,but they did not tell their customers ,they made huge profit more than 3000USD to 4000USD/ Container than the regular veneer core construction film faced plywood without problems .Now the profit space is more smaller than one year ago ,but still too much than traditional veneer core film faced plywood .

Anyway ,the joint core plywood is low quality but its prices are also low ,if you want to use this kind of plywood,please make sure no risks .

Also I heard that the hebei provinces joint core manufacturers were forced to stop the production because of some unknown reasons ….so ,means  the joint core prices will increase and the joint core film faced plywood prices will increase and closed to one time hot press plywood with veneer core now .

More and more Linyi and xuzhou or pizhou local joint core manufacturers expanded their volume and also increased their prices ….I think more and more importers or buyers will go to Pizhou or linyi to buy this kind of plywood because of its lowest prices .

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