Kraft Paper and Wood Grain Paper Plywood ,HPL PLYWOOD,Melamine faced chipboard ( MFC) ,Particle Board Melamine Paper and Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) PRODUCTION

Kraft Paper and Wood Grain Paper Plywood ,Melamine faced chipboard ( MFC) ,Particle Board Melamine Paper and Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) PRODUCTION

Famous MEGALAM brand name

Parts of our Kraft Paper and Wood Grain Paper Plywood ,Melamine MDF are used for Office Furniture,Home Furniture ,Hotel Furniture,School Furniture,Dinning Furniture ,Tough Environment Furniture,Table Tops,Exhibition Furniture ,Office furniture ,Kitchen, bathroom and laundry cabinets,Wall and Storage Units,Bar Fronts,Shelving,Wardrobes,Reception Areas,Shop Fitouts and Displays,Workstations.


If you are a purchaser of the HPL sheets. After visiting several HPL manufacturers , you will find you give them the same requiremens, size & colour, The prices that they gave you have very big difference.

WHY ? ?

Two main reasons.

1, Different profit expection.

2,Different production costs.   There are 2 samples that are held in front of you.  You can not tell the differences between the two. But they do relly have different production cost.  The secret is glue.  The expensive one they use kraft paper dip in to phenolic glue, Cheap one into melamine and urea glue. the glue used for the  kraft paper used for lamination together are different costs , Of course, there are many other reasons. Different kraft paper, different labour coast.

So, if you want to purchase good quality with low price. You much understand the difference and production process .

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