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Travel in China via CRH high speed railway train make you More competitive

Travel in China via CRH high speed railway train make you More competitive

I believe most of the foreign travellers have already experienced the high speed development of the chinese transportation ,no matter where you go ,you can by flight ,taxi,bus and slow train and CRH high speed railway train to anywhere you want to go in CHINA.

For business people,I like gaotie/crh very much ,as it can save big time and move fast and can do regular daily job even in the train when you travel if you have laptop and mobile phone ….especially the distance is just 100km to 800km ,just 20minutes to 3 hours journey by CRH TRAIN .Much comfortable and easy /efficiency than flight or any other tranportation .

Cheaper ticket rates than flights ,fewer time than bus and even than flight .

800kms just need about 2.5 hours ,300kms to 310kms/hour high speed ,no need go to the crh train station in advance so much time like 1 hour before the CHECK IN .just need about 10 minutes in advance and get your tickets and then check in .

The CRH station is always closed to the city ,not like flight should be 1 hour by bus away.

We have many plywood and other building materials customers travel in china ,when I suggessted them this good way to travel in China,they already experienced and like it very much.

THe ticket rate is very cheaper compared with flight and much higher than slow train but even the same like long distance bus .

The inside of the CRH train is like flight ,clean and comfortable but more space than flight ,you can walk around like outside ,very safe .

Many people still remember the accident of the wenzhou-hangzhou ,I think many people don’t dare to use the train anymore ,but I think it is more safe now ,everyday more and more people select the CRH to travel ,the technolody is delevopping and safe is ok now .

Well ,if more than 1500kms,I still want to use flight ,compared with CRH or other transportation .


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