I think this is not the first time you heard of these two special core construction film faced plywood now .It is different from regular traditional core construction film faced plywood,just like lumber core blockboard now ,we can also call them lumer core film faced plywood .The major difference of these traditional core construction film faced plywood and lumber core ffp is the strength .

This lumber core construction ffp also divided to two different core construction ,finger joint and butt joint .

Finger joint core film faced plywood are more strength than butt joint film faced plywood .The recyled core is normally 12mm and also other thickness core .These recyled plywood are cut into small pieces and then joint together ,after several process production ,are glue together to be the core of the new film faecd plywood .

They are also have one hot press and two hot press production .

One hot press film faced plywood have more manufacturing defects .Thickness are not uniform .

Two hot press film faced plywood have less manufacturing defects .Thickness are always uniform .

Prices are also much different compared with tradictional core construciton plywood,about 1.5USD/PCS price difference .

That is why so many importers are shocked that chinese film faecd plywood prices are so big difference ,if you could not find the right supplier at the right time ,you will be facing big quality claims .It depends on what quality grading rules your customers are buying .If buy low quality ,that is ok to use lumber core film faced plywood.If for high end use ,I suggest you buy traditional core plywood .

For the two hot press traditional core construction film faced plywood and two hot press finger /butt joint film faced plywood,if just recognize them by their appearance ,it is very very difficult ,as both of them have less manufacturing defects because of smoothly sanded the platform before laminating the film .


I saw more and more plywood manufacturers produce one hot press film faced plywood for their middle east customers this year …….

Improved one hot press film faced plywood quality ,competitive selling prices ,strong strength plywood the same like two hot press film faced plywood’s strength ….

The major quality problems of the one hot press film faced plywood is the thickness are not tight ,not uniform all the 4 sides ,the thickness difference of the 4 sides of the plywood are very big because the veneer core platform are not sanded before laminating the film .So ,when you buy them ,please remind your suppliers .

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